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Web proxy

Postby -PC-Taishar on Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:24 pm

OK so here's the scoop. We've got a tiny internet connection over here and it's being shared amongst 50 or 60 people. The problem is that we have assholes still trying to itunes and torrent it up. This kind of fucks everyone in the camp. I need a way to throttle bandwidth to each user. Ideally I would have some software that has an access list of hostnames and allows me to set each hostname's allowable bandwidth. Barring that, something that can at least monitor which computers are taking what bandwidth so if I see someone going nuts I can just shut them down.

Anyone have any solutions?

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Re: Web proxy

Postby zel on Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:37 pm

AFAIK what you're wanting to do could only be done at the internet gateway. So the device you are using as the internet gateway/router need to have that kind of functionality built in otherwise you will need to add-in a device that can do it for you. The option you're looking is commonly called Traffic or Packet "Shaping" (I guess throttling just didn't describe it enough or something). Sometimes its under a QoS heading since shaping can be done using QoS settings. For instance if you set traffic from host-asshole to low and host-notanasshole to high then host-notanasshole gets priority and host-asshole will just have to wait a bit, which slows him down. The QoS rules would need to be enforced on all switches as well for it to work properly but since your internet connection is the choke point it really shouldn't matter. Also any network analyzing needs to be done at the internet gateway/router as well to see what is the MAC address of the bandwidth hog.

If you have a spare pc with 2 NICs, there are some linux solutions that give you some rudimentary control. There is one called "Master Shaper" (http://www.mastershaper.org/). Basically you set it up on a linux box, tell it what port is "in" and which is "out" then setup up a bunch of rules to govern bandwidth. It is pretty well documented, they have a pdf on there with lots of info and there is a link to a forum for more specific support but its more or less public support from other users so i don't know how quick they would be to reply or assist.

I can say that there are devices dedicated to this kind of thing but they usually go for big bucks because they're meant for businesses and they can charge those prices.

Any traffic shaping "software" you install on the PC would be strictly client/server type stuff so people could just uninstall it to get around it. I have seen some that are manage local traffic (for instance if you wanted to torrent while playing online) but I suppose you could put 2 NICs in, bridge them, and do it that way just like the "Master Shaper" above, there is one called net limiter for windows with a nice GUI and all but the free version only tracks bandwidth and you have to pay to be able to limit stuff. If the linux vesion won't give statistics you can always use wireshark to check the traffic with a laptop. Just add a dumb hub in line with the gateway before it gets shared out so that all traffic has to run through it but broadcast to all ports, then run wireshark and plug in on that open port and start sniffin to see what everyone is up to mwaaahhaahah!!!! Its getting hard to find actual hubs these days since smart mini-switches are sooo cheap and better in every way (except that you can't truly sniff) so dunno if you have one. I remember back in the everquest days someone once made an EQ sniffer program you would setup on another PC in this fashion and it would actually give you maps, list mobs and where they are, list positions of loot and players, good stuff.

Maybe you need to share the top 10 LAN no-nos we have posted? http://wickednet.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1599

Anyhow i know it's long winded but i hope you find something useful in this mess i typed up :P

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Re: Web proxy

Postby [GWR]Droogan on Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:22 pm

If you are running a linux based internet sharing device you can run iftop on the interface and see which IP's are sucking bandwidth, ie iftop -i eth0

If you have the ability to jam an internet sharing box between the end users and the connection you could make a pfsense box: http://www.pfsense.org/

I'm not sure either of these help.

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Re: Web proxy

Postby HangOver on Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:17 am

screw throttling their bandwidth. when you find out who the inconsiderate pricks are, put kiddie porn on their computers and report them.

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