Free to good home: Athlon X2 4000+ AM2, & Biostar AM2 mATX

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Free to good home, although asking for shipping.

The biostar board is a 7025-M2
Despite being old gear it is rather low power. < 60W system idle if I recall. I used it for a htpc for a while, but it lacks hdmi on the motherboard. 4x sata, 4x ddr2, 5.1 sound out, dvi + vga.

The cpu appears to have a defective temperature sensor. it will jump sporadically from around 50C to 120C The lower value is the real one, but you have to disable thermal safeties in bios otherwise when it spikes the system shuts down. heh its a lemon, but only a minor problem. stock heatsink available. Motherboard has no known problems. I wont part it out because well, its free!

Does anyone want this stuff?

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