Driving in the Snow? (Tips for a Floridian)

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Re: Driving in the Snow? (Tips for a Floridian)

Postby zel on Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:18 pm

Man, that reminds me of my childhood in ft dix, NJ. The fluffy stuff was no good for sledding tho you had to manually push your sled down the hill a few times to compact it then you were good to go and for snowball fights you needed to compact like a ton of it before you had a decent snowball.

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Re: Driving in the Snow? (Tips for a Floridian)

Postby Grace on Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:53 am

you moved dan?

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Re: Driving in the Snow? (Tips for a Floridian)

Postby buzz on Sun Jan 23, 2011 1:24 am

Naa.. Just vacation

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We may have passed each other somewhere on the way, I went back to NC to visit family for the holidays and coming back I detoured through Va. to visit Kode, crossed through the Blue Ridge mountains (near Skyline drive for those that know it) and man the snow hit like crazy, was real fun at 3:00 am with no snow tires or anything, I think we slid down the mountain more than we 'drove' but made it without any mishaps, took forever though cuz I drove very slow (literally 15-20 mph) for a couple hours cuz it was so bad. It was beautiful though, been so long since I saw 'real' snow it was refreshing, made me miss living up north, then I remember all the shoveling and salting and scraping ice off my windshield, so I quickly stopped missing it, haha.

Seriously though, if you ever make that trip again the Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive is really breathtaking. When I moved from NC to TN it was the first time my son ever saw the mountains like that, we stopped on an overlook (Lover's Leap if anyone knows where that is) and snapped a couple pics, was pretty cool to see his reaction to the view, really blew him away, I thoroughly enjoyed it myself, brought back a lot of memories as a kid because when I was growing up Mom's vacations consisted of packing up the station wagon and heading to the Blue Ridge for some camping, truly beautiful area altogether.

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I take it you made it home okay? I hope the snowstorm doesn't scare you from ever trying anything crazy again, lol.

Dragoon nailed it with the advice. Although I am surprised know one said that when you start to slip, go easy on the brake/accelerator and then "turn into the skid". This means turning your wheels so they point in the direction you want the car to go. This will hopefully align your car back to the road, but be careful, because if your tires don't get traction, you could find yourself skidding the other way.

The looks like a good snow. I can't really tell from pictures if its wet or not, but it looks at least a little wet to me since it is building up on the back of that chair pretty well.

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Does it look like a 4 month old snow?


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