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Re: star citizen - new game from chris roberts

PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:06 pm
by zel
just to update this thread, here is the current funding:

almost 80M at the time of this posting, Holy crap did anyone think this project would accrue that much money?!? lol

BTW if you guys haven't been playing the alpha version, it's pretty slick but does need a fairly modern machine to run decently. My old Phenom II 970 based rig can't seem to handle it but not because of CPU or GPU, my CPU maxes out at 80% (overclocked) and the GPU is barely utilized at 20% when my framerate takes a dive so I have something bottlenecking me and no idea what it is so I guess the solution is to rebuild the base components, mobo/cpu/ram.

I know the GPU can handle it as when my FPS takes a dive into the low teens my GPU util goes down to 20% and stays there so something else is holding me back :P

Re: star citizen - new game from chris roberts

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:30 pm
by -wicked-toon-X
Thanks for the update.

Gotta download the alpha and check it out. Had completely forgotten about it.

Re: star citizen - new game from chris roberts

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:55 pm
by zel
Yea, the official forums are kind of a waste of time though. Almost a million backers and much of them just trolling aside from other random internet people trolling CIG already declaring it a failure. From what I've played though, it is awesome and once the FPS portion hits it should be fun to be able to fly around, land, get out, fight on foot, get back in and fly off. You can already get out and walk around but they haven't incorporated actual FPS combat. Just a handgun and thats it but the FPS portion is supposed to be within a few months.

Re: star citizen - new game from chris roberts

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:57 pm
by zel
also, BTW, i'm fairly certain the amount of VRAM on your GPU is going to make a huge difference. SC pegs out the 2G on my card and then I get problems where my FPS drops into the teens or even single digits despite my CPU/GPU usage being under 50%, pretty sure the time it takes to swap info in/out of the VRAM is killing me so if you're looking at a GPU upgrade make sure you're in the 4G range or better.

man, hardware today... it's kind of insane...

Re: star citizen - new game from chris roberts

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:05 am
by -wicked-toon-X
Looks like you have to buy everything individually. You're ship and all. Really odd.

I installed freelancer again last week...

Re: star citizen - new game from chris roberts

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:24 pm
by zel
Nah, it might seem that way but really it's just the way they're crowd funding the whole game that makes it feel like you need to buy spaceships.

All available ships to purchase now can be earned in-game once the Persistent Universe (PU) launches. That's the MMO portion of the game. Once it launches all ships just become things you purchase in-game just like weapons and such. The real-money store will close down and you'll no longer be able to buy ships for money. in-game insurance is a mechanic that will replace your ships when you lose them and you'll have to pay in-game money to pay for insurance premiums and deductibles. The rarer the ship, the longer it takes for your insurance to find a replacement and some ships will have to be picked up in certain places. I mention this because pledge ships sometimes contain varying levels of built-in insurance. LTI = Lifetime Insurance meaning you'll never have to pay premiums on that ship. Some ships have 6 month, 1 year, 2 years, and in some special events 3 years insurance. It's important to note that insurance is just a minor money-sink in-game, like the way you repair weapons and armor in MMOs and such. It isn't meant to be EVE-like where insurance gives you a small fraction of the value of your ship and good-luck finding another one so there's no pressing need to buy an LTI ship. It's purely a convenience thing. Originally LTI was implemented just as a "thank you for helping us make this game" perk but since new comers kept flocking to the game they'd raise hell about being "left out" and such so CIG offers LTI any time a newly announced ship completes the "concept" phase.

There's several ships that have come out because during the initial stretch goals, in backer votes, people wanted more and more ships added to the game. Well at some point CIG finally said "no more stretch goals" and they're working on fulfilling the promise of X amount of ships at launch but because newer backers want a shot at LTI they offer LTI on ships that have finally been concepted, hence this feeling that you need to buy the ships before you can play them.

"Squadron 42" is the title of the single-player story-driven portion. Has Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Mark Strong and Gillian Anderson along with several other good actors as the voice cast:

The ships you "buy" are not for Squadron 42, only the PU. In SQ42 it's going to be wing commander style. You get assigned a ship depending on the wing you're in.

I think the bare-minimum to get a "copy" of both SQ42 and Star Citizen (aka the PU) and a ship is 45 bucks. They're currently reworking the packages so it might be smart to wait a bit because they just finished changing how access to the alpha version works and they haven't gotten around to fixing the packages. For now you can get free temporary access by using this code:CITCONFLIGHT2K15

here: ... zencon2k15

You'll get access to the alpha and a bunch of ships to try it all out in, there's like 10 days left in the free trial so if you're at all interested, do it quick. If you sign up you can use my code: STAR-RMJN-GTDV as a referral and they kick in some in-game money to use at-launch for you and I get some kind of reward badges to show I helped lure people into the con, i mean, uhh, game :P lol

If you do buy in tho, really, don't spend anything more than the 45 dollar minimum unless you're willing to risk spending more for a game that might not deliver on all it's promises. At the very least the single player portion should be very fun. They've already done the voice overs and motion capture so i'm certain we'll at least see a quality single player campaign. I'm pretty confident they'll deliver the MMO portion but really, i wouldn't spend more than you'd be comfortable risking on a not-as-good-as-i-hoped-for MMO. I think I'm up to 120 or so bucks but honestly, the alpha access has been pretty fun so far so i'm happy with it.

wow man, this is a lot longer than I thought i'd write up...

anyhow, if you have any questions, i've mostly kept up-to-date with it and I still play it every so often so I could probably answer most questions you'd have about it :P Rhys is already bought in too.

Edit: I should have noted, if you want to fly a ship in the alpha and beta portions of the game, you used to have to pledge for the ship, that was a perk of spending cash and funding the game and the driving force behind the whole "you have to buy each ship for big $$$" but now you can earn "rec" rental points and "rent" them for use in the alpha and beta stages

Re: star citizen - new game from chris roberts

PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:11 am
by Grace
if you plan to get into the game i think investing in the 35$ is the best buy, considering the cost of the game will prob be much higher.

Ohh reference me! "STAR-J4GP-PSN6"