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So I picked it up on steam for 5 bucks and if you like the old school JRPGs with some modern conveniences then you might give this one a shot. You don't have to have played 1 & 2 since this is it's own plot and you don't import characters or anything, besides, 1 and 2 were made by a whole different developer and played very differently. The graphics are retro sprite based and all but they stripped out the time-sinks you usually get in JRPGs like ridiculous crafting ingredients and such. Your life regens after every battle and items regen after battle too. Basically you get X number of potions per battle and that number is upgradable via store bought or chest found items. They have a job system as well and you can have multiple jobs per characters, its active turn based like the old ff series. I'm only a few hours into it and it's pretty damn fun. The writing is very good but of course the story is all wacky and pretty much full of humor so if you don't like comedy type RPGs then you're not going to enjoy the story. I'm ok with it but i'd love to see a new rpg that plays like this with a slightly more serious story and not-quite-so-retro sprites. It's worth 5 bucks though so i'm throughly enjoying it.

apparently they're looking to release it on Xbox live or some such thing but it's not done with the review process... but i don't purchase from the xbox store, meh, seems like it would play real well on consoles tho.

anyone played any good jrpg style games like Grandia 2 or the older FF series lately?

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FFIII on Android (^__^;)

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