Stellar Impact - LoL in space with a bit more strategy

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So I ran into this game on steam when it was on sale and so far it's been lots of fun. It's pvp DoTA/LoL style but with several maps and everything from 2v2 to 6v6. Several different class ships with 4 skill slots and about 16 skills or so to mix and match. The skills are categorized and each ship can have a certain amount of skills from each category to kinda limit you a bit. 7 upgrade slots that you earn items for in-game, you pick it at the end and if you do well you get random drops that end up in your inventory.

I prolly won't be on it as much when D3 drops tho but if you don't plan on getting D3 and you're looking for something new to get into cheap it only runs about 9.99 on steam. If you haven't done LoL then the learning curve will be kinda steep but if you've done it then you just need to get used to a new control scheme and the skills. The rules are different though, as the whole team levels together, it's not based on individual XP. Basically "tech level" is earned from "labs" and it ticks at a certain rate depending how many labs you control. you earn Command Points to spend on upgrading your ships stats and you get a certain amount of skill points to upgrade the 4 skills you chose. The DLC ships get special skills only they can access too and they're not necessarily OP but if used correctly in conjunction with the standard ships they're real tough to beat. CP both ticks at a certain rate depending on how many planets you have capped and you also earn cp for killing creeps and other players and random asteroids.

heres a lil video review on it, its an older vid when the game was in beta and you could do FTP without buying in but its pay now AFAIK and the few bugs he runs into are gone mostly, the lag is rare at this point and prolly player based since in my last game one guy had lag spikes but i didn't have any at all. It's a very well-thought out game.

There is also a "battlefield" game type where it does away with the strategy elements and its pure pvp team combat in smaller maps and every round you get a certain amount of tech level and cp to spend. battlefield is the easiest way to learn combat since the game go fast.

here's a quick post on the official site for more in-depth info for new players but it gives a good overview of what to expect: ... t_players/

The average player in SI has better manners than you might be used to in LoL. The devs host a TS server for the community to use while playing games and it helps keep things relatively fun and especially helps when you want to learn something.

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