QuickHit Football: now in 3d (thank god)

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So...like 2 years ago i think you guys saw me playing quickhit football at hangs lan and wondered if it would ever survive. I hadn't played much of it for a while but recently the NFL purchased some rights and did a few great things to the game:
1. Include actual NFL teams
2. The ability to purchase/sign Legendary players into your roster (ala Barry Sanders)
3. Create your own plays
4. The gameplay itself is now in 3d, but you can still do the 2d overhead view.
5. While in 3d mode, the players numbers on the uniforms actually remain visible (which to me was terrible about the 2d overhead view. a guy would do shitty all game and you wouldn't know where to put the training points after the game. This to me was a great fix.)
6. You can use the logo of your favorite NFL team for free on signup or you can purchase other logos after the fact.
7. No download necessary! Its all flash based!


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oh and the game is still free :D

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