Battle of Los Angeles != Battle: Los Angeles

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Just so you don't make the same mistake as me and download the B movie with almost the same title. Battle of Los Angeles played for about 3 minutes before being deleted. Battle: Los Angeles is hopefully a lot better.

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yeah i saw it on the news groups, read the comments, and was like nice, some punk network decided to steal the title for free publicity.

i almost made the mistake, but comments saved me.

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battle: los angeles was actually cool.

it's more like black hawk down than an alien movie. Actually there are a ton of similarities if you pay
attention. It was a fun movie to watch.

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Battle: Los Angeles was pretty fun to watch. A lot of people I know bashed it because they were somehow expecting some kind of decent storyline. It's just a bunch of soldiers fighting aliens, with a lot of action and flashy visual/sound effects... reminded me a lot of like a video game lol . Actually, I was the only one out of a group of friends to notice the movie was a giant advertisement for Sony products (and the video game Resistance, you'll see a brief glimpse of a giant billboard in the movie with the logo). Other than that, it's very much a hoorah type of movie, which I enjoyed.

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