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We're Back

Postby glitch on Tue Aug 17, 2004 4:07 pm

Welcome back all, it's been a few weeks but we're finally back online. A few things of special note about the state of things.

1. This is a different server than what we were running before, and was configured from scratch.

2. We are now back in a Miami, FL. location so some of you may experience some slow connections depending on where you're located.

3. There is currently a configuration issue we are aware of regarding our firewall which is causing slow connections for everyone. We are trying hard and hope to have the issue resolved shortly.

4. There are as of now no longer any other areas of the site other than these forums.

5. Sections that will be making a return shortly are the LAN Party Pic archive and the Pic of the day.

6. Things that will NOT be returning are the shoutbox and downloads sections.

7. Sadly your avatars could not be saved.

8. This theme is not yet complete so some contents may be shifting around.

9. Other themes may be available in the near future (though dont hold me to that as I have been rather busy of late.).

10. Item #10 is provided on this list solely for the purpose of making this list feel complete. We make no guarantee as to the validity of a 10th item making this list feel complete in any way, and reserve the right any person who states otherwise a filthy lying whore.

If there is anything you feel I did not address please make a post about it in the 'Bugs' forum or email me if you find that you are unable to post.

Your faithful Web Monkey,

p.s. Passwords have not changed but if you still have a problem logging in to your account drop a an email.
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Postby buzz on Tue Aug 17, 2004 9:20 pm

I was able to pull the avatars out of my ass. If you're having problems with yours (i.e. missing, incorrect, etc) go ahead and upload a new one.

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