Going Old School: Legend of the Red(ish) Dragon

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Going Old School: Legend of the Red(ish) Dragon

Postby buzz on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:11 pm

Who remembers this old BBS Door game from back in the day? Well, you can't get your hands on the original version but they made something just as good. We've been testing it for the past few days and it works pretty well. Check it out at:


For those that have no idea what this is.. Long ago before the internets, there were BBS's (bulletin board systems) that people would call into using "modems" .. No pretty pictures, just text based ANSI graphics, no clicking around, it was the greatest thing ever. Part of the fun was some games including this text based role playing game called Legend of the Red Dragon. Check it out, enjoy, come fight with us or flirt with Violet.

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