Fuck you Target!!

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Fuck you Target!!

Postby Kitty on Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:29 am


You fucking pathetic morons kept my shit YET AGAIN!! And of course.. you were closing at midnight. Yay for me! But when do I go looking for the ridiculous wrapping paper I just had to have that I don't recall seeing in the car with us? At 11:5fucking3!! I drive fast.. but unfortunately, not that fast. I tried to call the number on my receipt to yell at someone other than my live in fuck buddy and your automated message said you were closed. It wasn't midnight yet, assholes!!!!


I'm sick of you losers. My better half (waaaay better) asked you before leaving "is that all of it?" and your fat ass said yes!! My first clue should have been when you broke the bag of cat food. It was all good until the moment I had to go get ANOTHER bag in BFE. I have all this pent up frustration and nothing to take it out on. I can't even play a decent game to get a few head shots in cause I'm on a fucking Mac!! But that's a whole different rant..

Tomorrow morning. You. Me. 8am. Be there, bitch!

*exhales* omg.. that helped. =\

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