Fantasy Football 2012

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Fantasy Football 2012

Postby Stealth Assassin405 on Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:59 pm

Hey Everyone,

I have a 12 man league and currently missing 1 more to fill the league up. Anyone interested? Draft will take place tomorrow night 8/29 8:30 PM EST.

Entry fee's $50 towards pool $25 deposit (Total $75). $25 deposit will be returned at the end of season as long as you remain active.

What count as inactivity - if you aren't fighting for a playoff spot, and your roster is not updated and left with people on by for the week that is inactivity. You dont have to necessarily pick up or drop players, but you must have players that are playing each week, unless its a game time decision due to injury where you have no power over it.

Let me know so I can send invites.

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