NM list, Recipe List, and Map Book

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NM list, Recipe List, and Map Book

Postby PCMILPH on Thu Apr 01, 2004 2:06 pm

ok well i have a really shitty temp job with like 4 hours of free time each 5 hour work period. therefore i have done something productive with my self. behold 3 new FFXI guides/charts which can be found here ...
Notorius Mob list with spawn area, level, position, drop, and weaknesses
Crafting List with recipes for all the crafts up to lvl 80-100
and finally
http://files.wickednet.org/users/milph/ ... afting.xls
FFXI Map Book with maps of all the dungeon areas with the chest and coffer locations marked. As well as the mobs that drop the keys and the rewards in the chests.
http://files.wickednet.org/users/milph/ ... ximaps.doc
*Note* Some of the rewards are AF gear for the coffers but each has a drop other than AF gear. Also each coffer or chest may drop the reward or any amount of gil so if you get gil dont be surprised.
Maps without a not on chests or coffers are either all chest or all coffers look at the info on the side to determine. The are a few exceptions to this which are Crawler's Nest, Eldieme Necropolis, and Garlaige Citadel. My recommendation is printing out the file then marking the coffers with an extra circle or X on them to differentiate
The old renkei chart i made is also still there as well.
http://files.wickednet.org/users/milph/ ... renkei.xls
Anyways let me know what you think of them and if there are any corrections that need to be made.

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Postby Deviate on Thu Apr 01, 2004 3:35 pm

Thanks :-D

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Postby Neesa on Mon Sep 13, 2004 6:01 pm

That picture of Syrinx and Pikka is umm....well...LOL

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