Because Wolrd of WarCraft Needs More Players

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Being my first MMORPG, WoW was pretty kick ass at first. When a bunch of us were running around together and just leveling, having fun, It was really enjoyable. Sure I bitched about ....well lots of stuff, but was still fun playing with a bunch of you guys, just roaming around 5 or 6 strong, questing or killing any allie we saw. Hell I remember we would even attack the ?? just because we didnt care like most. Then the end game came...good lord talk about dedicating your life to something. I just couldnt get into the hole 20+ people on Vent screaming bs, or raiding for 2 or more hours.
I came back for the expansion and enjoyed that a bunch, was fun and "New" again. But just like before the end game killed it. I know they are tring to get smaller raids going, but no matter what its all about that leet gear. I just dont have time like others. I might try the next expansion for the hell of it, not sure.
yeah tryant got a friend, mid 30's, he has like maybe 5 70's, all geared. Its sad.

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I don't seem to have this problem with my new guild. Fyre, even in his raid rules, makes it seem like if you don't know your role to the fullest of extremes that you are an utter dumbass and you should go kill yourself because he's the man. So meh. My new guild has a lot of fun. We sit around talking crap, mainly to one person, and we one shot everything. Good organization, and we've almost downed Gruuls (too many new people to the fight :() 2%. Only thing I will say is that farming Heroics everyday is the #1 game killer I've seen so far. Craziest crap I've seen so far.

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I too quit that guild and joined another. Much better.

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Re: Because Wolrd of WarCraft Needs More Players

Postby NubZ on Tue Dec 18, 2007 12:07 pm

Hehe, I am about to quit permanently I fear... Just bored... I find end game terribly boring, professions got left behind, raiding anything other then 10 mans is boring to me. The only thing that was fun and just isn't anymore unless a lot of people do it with you is rolling new guys. But alas, I have played everyone now at least to 40... I sold my first account and I think I may do the same for my current and not get back into the game. WoW was my first MMO to so I still think its cool, it was very user friendly. PvP was the only thing keeping me on, and even that has become insanely retarded, honor grind now worse then ever and Arena is just stupid. I wish Arena was never made and they put more focus on World PvP...

WTS 70 S2 Warrior and 70 ~S1 Rogue, PvP Server... $400 >.<

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Few more vids are running around now

Verne Troyer is a mage (I think this is the funniest one)
Mr. T (in German)
Van Damme is a mage too (in French)

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T is still the best, and the german one sucks ass. The dub voice doesn't even try to make "shup up, fool!" sound right.

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where's the arnold one! hah

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the Jean claude one was 10xs better than vern troyers


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