Iron Storm PURE - Aug 21-22 - Pittsburgh PA

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The Pittsburgh LAN Coalition Inc. (Pittco) is proud to present its latest incarnation of LAN party, Iron Storm PURE, taking place August 21st-22nd, 2010 at the Castle Shannon Fire Hall. Pittco strives to provide the greater Pittsburgh area with a PC gaming entertainment experience unlike any other. This event returns LANing to it's roots by offering an event focused on providing what truly matters at LANs, rich and varied gaming experiences with real people on a high-speed local area network. This event will feature:
  • CONSTANT organized matches of different games, variants, and mods for maximum entertainment. Small prizes will be offered for many events, especially BAWLS and Red Bull to keep the caffeine flowing!
  • Expect to play things you never thought you'd see a full server of.
  • Customized servers running a plethora of variants, maps, and mods.
  • Counter-Strike 1.6 Super Serial Buy-In Tournament (For you pro kids out there)
  • Gigabit High-Speed network provided by our sister LAN, the GXL, for super-fast file transfers
  • Concession Stand with super-cheap food, pop (soda), and energy drinks running throughout the event to keep you on top of your game
  • Music provided by DJ Turk Mc'Gurk
  • Immersive entertainment experience provided by Entertainment Coordinator Justin Ritter
  • A fun, friendly staff
  • Tons of parking space
  • Musiclol Chairs

This event will be capped at 2^7 or 128 seats to keep the atmosphere friendly and manageable. Seats start at just $25 if you pre-register online (with a group of 5). Visit for more information and registration. Also keep a lookout to our main event, Iron Storm 12, coming to you some time in March 2011.

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Re: Iron Storm PURE - Aug 21-22 - Pittsburgh PA

Postby buzz on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:05 pm

musiclol chairs??

Glad the Pittco LANs are still going strong

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Oh yes, we still try to keep the train chugging. Attendance varies but our events seem to only be getting more fun. If its a small group, the event is more tight-knit. If its full, we get a ridiculous number of concurrent games going. All around good times.

Musiclol chairs is full-contact musical chairs. (part one of four of our last musiclol chairs) (one of our players adopted a "technique" that was deemed illegal... this is proof)

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Hey guys, just to let you know our early registration closes tomorrow Thursday August 19th at 1PM. You can pre-register here.

We have posted a tentative schedule of events here.
And we also have posted our Pittco Roulette games here. Pittco Roulette is a series of organized matches across a wide variety of games that will run continuously throughout the LAN. The winners get free 16oz cans of BAWLS.

This LAN will be small but so far we have ~60 people signed up and growing. This LAN has alot of fun stuff planned so it's sure to be a blast!

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