Pittco Presents: Iron Storm XI, Pittsburgh PA

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Pittco has opened registration for Iron Storm XI!

This event will be like the past events but bigger and larger than before; who doesn’t love that? We’ve teamed up with fellow sponsors from the GXL who have thrown 500 man LANs, Rec0il Gaming for the epic console setup, and Pwnage.TV who will be simulcasting the whole event!

The event will be 42 hours long which is a lot longer than the events we’ve thrown in the past. Also, we are aiming to fill 250 seats for this LAN. With this support from sponsors and expansion, there is no reason why you should miss out on this LAN, even if you are hours away.

We’ll be running the usual 3 PC and 3 console tournaments not to mention the massive amounts of servers we be providing.

Registration is discounted currently at $35 a seat. It will go up as the event draws closer, register now!

So, all you old farts better come. Jesus, I advertise here every year and none of you show up. Makes me cry every time.

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Ahh.. I really do miss the days of our big mega lans .. PA seems to be a big place for these things, this I work with used to do 3 day lans up there..

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