Official Summer 2K7 LAN Info.

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Official Summer 2K7 LAN Info.

Postby Khemikal on Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:23 pm

1) Price: $20 per person...Cash only
2) Gates open at 2PM on Friday

The space for this LAN is being donated with my business is a NICE office building. Much like last year at the "Mansion LAN" there will be a number of areas off limits. I expect this to be respected as it was last year.

Drinking will have to be held to a minimum until 6PM or so on Friday night. Once the owner of the building leaves, you can enjoy yourselves a little more. Between the hours of 2 - 6PM the office will still be open, so a certain degree of civility is requested...this means no Ryan. ;)

There are three NICE bathrooms available for use and several rooms will be denoted for Butt Ninja Attacks...I mean sleeping. There is also ample parking and a full kitchen. Entry as usual will be used to supply a metric shit ton of food much as at last years LAN.

Any questions, let me know.


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