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North Carolina, when you get to islands called the Outer Banks start looking for a white van near a pine tree, I'll start clearing some room for everyone.


Thanx Hang, life has sucked since I can remember, but it has never broken me, I've had less and lost more and I am still here.
Yes it really sucks when the giant Anus of Life shits all over everything, but I just never could find it in myself to quit or give up, I mean I could just say to hell with it all and stop trying, but then what? I can't just sit around a be a waste of skin, and there is always that chance that somehow, someday I will overcome all this crap, as long as that chance exists, I will keep plugging on no matter what life throws at me.
Sometimes it gets me down, not so much for my own sake, but because I have two kids that lvoe me and I want so much for them to have a better life and better opportunities than I did.
Right now the only thing really pissing me off is wasting 20 years of my life learning and mastering a trade just to get shit on and end up making $11 an hour not even doing that trade when I should be making at least $25 hourly (minimum). I can't afford to rent a place to live at this rate, there is just no way it's possible and that is retarded. That's the thanks you get for putting in all those years of hard work and physical sacrafice. My body isn't what it used to be, and I can;t handle the harder physical parts of the job like I could years ago. Big falls, broken bones, nails thru hands, stitches upon stitches and crushed/misaligned vertebrae from the years of building should have at least left me in a position where I should be in charge of a crew, not some lowbie doing crap work for peanuts.
But at least this job is a lot easier physically,it's nothing compared to what I am used to and after 6 months I do get benefits and medical coverage and paid vacation time, so it's not all negative.
I just don't know how I am going to put a roof over my family's heads with this kind of income, I find myself seriously considering relocation more and more. I have looked at all different places all over the country, most places are not as out of balance economically speaking and I think I'd do better to get the hell out of here while I'm still NOT using a walker!!


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