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yea thats one thing that made me lose a lot of respect for EA games. i remember in BF2 there were a lot of community mods and even a couple maps but then EA shut it all down and disallowed ANY modded version of the game to be hosted, effectively shutting down any community development whatsoever. I think that sucks, and it's a pretty shitty attitude to have towards those who purchase your products and therefore support your business. It's why I haven't bought an EA title since BF2 and I don;t care how good it is, I refuse to support that snobby ass stuck up company and their shitty attitude. just like they did with Steam, they made an agreement to release their games through the Steam engine, then 'coincidentally' just happen to decide to break the agreement claiming that Steam doesn't allow them to support their customers (bullshit) while at the exact same time releasing the Origin distribution system, which (also coincidentally) just happens to be the basic concept as the Steam platform, except for EA only games. It's a shame really, they have some good developers and some decent games, but the people in charge of how the handle their relations are assholes and seem to think that EA and ONLY EA has any good ideas and everyone else is too stupid to be allowed to modify or distribute their games. Unlike Valve, who not only allows it, but promotes and supports it, and has even hired some of the people numerous times, even now with the new game mode for CS:GO they hired the people that made up Gun-game.

As Far as customer support, when I had problems with BF2 way back, I remember going through the hoops to get support, only to receive an email telling me to take several steps which i had clearly, very clearly stated I had already done. Obviously nobody actually read my email to see what the problem actually was, most likely went through a text parser looking for keywords and sent an automated response. So I called their 800 number, after about 45 minutes (literally) I finally got to talk to a person, whom I could barely understand, and who had no idea what i was talking about and was completely useless. I tried again, same thing. I wrote them a letter and got no reply, ever.

Now, when i had issues with Steam, including my account being hacked, I got a response from a person, and in less than 20 minutes the problem was resolved and my account was back under my control. When I had compatibility issues with HL2 I emailed them and I was given MULTIPLE ways to get in touch with a tech that could help, for which I chose to use IRC at that time, an actual person sat on IRC with me for about an hour and a half going through everything about my system with me until we finally found the issue and got it working (turned out my modified video drivers were causing the problem and i had to revert to the stock ATI Catalyst drivers).

Point being that in my opinion Ea is full of shit about the customer support issue, they don;t give a damn about you, you already spent your money with them so they got what they want, you're on your own now. They don't have any respect for the creativity and improvisation the community has to offer, they want a closed-end product that THEY exclusively control and that's that.

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Re: CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Postby zel on Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:26 pm

I'm with you, fuck EA, i hated them ever since they bought Origin (the people behind the Wing Commander series) and then shut them down.

Now they use the name as a digital distro system, i hate EA for that. they're a shitty company.

Edit: That said, if an exceptional dev makes a good game that EA distributes i'll still buy it but it better be one badass game at a good price :P


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